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Allen TX Restaurants That Could Be At The Top Of Your List

Get ready to find out the names of four more of the best places to eat in Allen TX. There have been some great restaurants I’ve brought to you so far in a few other articles. Allen TX features the best Mexican cuisine, barbecue and all the foods you crave. We’ve even looked at a couple sushi restaurants thus far. For this piece, I’m leading off with a place I dropped as a bonus pick the last round, without providing additional information.

Sauced Wings deserves a bigger mention than just mentioning it to you briefly. This restaurant is on West Bethany Drive. Not only do the wings look delicious, but the pizza looks great, too. Reviews mention that the place serves up some tasty shrimp as well. People say this place is a sports bar, so it seems like it would be rather entertaining.

La Madeleine is the next Allen TX restaurant, and its location is 810 West McDermott Street. This place serves up French cuisine, country style. Is that even possible? I guess you’re going to have to find out because that’s the name of the game at La Madeleine. When is the last time you tried some French food? You can enjoy any meal of the day at this restaurant.

Italian Villa Restaurant on North Greenville Avenue is the next place, and you can already tell what type of food you’re going to be enjoying there. The chicken murphy is a popular favorite, and reviews mention that the restaurant features a sampler, too. It’s always great to order a sampler to get to know more about the food a place serves up. Pictures show that you can order up a tasty pizza at Italian Villa Restaurant, too.

Italia Express is the name of another popular restaurant that serves up Italian cuisine. Located on West Stacy Road, Italia Express serves up some delicious food. One of the menu favorites is vegetable stromboli, and the simple spaghetti and meatballs is said to be fabulous as well. Pastas, pizzas, salads and more await you.

These Allen TX dining options are top notch. It would be quite easy to lead off with Italian food because two out of the four picks are all about that cuisine. Yet don’t forget the too. You could visit all four of these places in order and have a great time at each one. How does that sound?